7-18 Belize Open Source Update

I recently spoke with David Dyck and Natalio Soliz, my contacts in Belize for the Belize Open Source place. When I was there last June, we decided to move forward with adding a fence to divide the back part into two pastures, clear more of the regrowth bush and plant more Humidicola improved pasture grass. We liquidated our cattle herd to let the new grass come in. We’d been disappointed in how the new planting had come in. But in our recent conversation, David indicated that while not great, it was better than he initially thought. He suggested we restock with a smaller number of cattle to use our existing pasture and then keep the smaller herd out of the one fenced pastures when we replant during the rainy season. Natalio sent me some recent photos showing the new fence:

and the condition of the grass:

These and his other photos are on Flikr at the album link below. They show the new fence dividing back into two pastures and the condition of the pasture grass. They also show the neighbor to the back’s place for their caretaker and our caretaker’s house.