Additional context about next steps for El Llanito EWB project

Our first Engineers Without Borders (EWB) team, working on the El Llanito water supply project, left Nicaragua 9 January. Our second team arrived on the 7th so we had overlap and opportunity to do a handoff.

Our Responsible Engineer In Charge (REIC), Phil Bowman, and the new arrivals left on 18 January.

I posted about Phil’s summary, but want to add this for context. We are so pleased with the community engagement and all the work they have accomplished. They have completed almost all of the trenching – much faster than we had anticipated.

We’re monitoring our estimated cost to complete and still have some uncertainties that may require additional fundraising, but with the Rotary Global Grant and EWB funds, we are going to be close. If you want to support the work in this community you can donate online at:

In addition to ensuring completion of this first project, together with the water committee we have identified a number of potential follow on projects.

You can see the other progress posts at the site as well as this one.