Cars, just for fun…

The past few days I’ve just been struck some cars in Livermore.

I’d never seen a McLaren

I asked this guy if it was his.

“No, you’d have to lather me up with butter to get me into it.”

“Can I quote you on that?”


Then, this evening I just had to pull over in my ‘94 Miata to photograph these cuties.

Painted by JR Romero’s team at Tri-Valley Auto Body
Mini pickup
Modern mini
Classic Minis, set up for racing

As I was taking photos, I saw the owner in his garage, so I walked over and told him how cool I thought they were. We talked a while.

He explained the ones on the trailer were for racing. They’d just come back from a race, which is why they were in front of his place.

Later I found a neat story about their racing and family background.

I asked if Mini Mokes were in the same family. I told him we used them when I was in Belize in the 70s.

Mini Moke

He assured me they were and that his wife had learned to drive in one. Also, that the blue Mini pickup had been hers when she was 16. Then she came out and we chatted a little longer, before I left.