Work continues on El Llanito water supply system

Phil Bowman has initiated our construction monitoring WhatsApp calls. On 27 January he wrote:

This afternoon we had a brief WhatsApp conference call (max of 4 participants on a WhatsApp call) with Martin, Javier, Luz and me.  Eveling was originally invited but she had a conflict today.
Today’s Work Progress:  Martin’s primary work today was fabricating the rebar for the break pressure tank to go near Zeleyda’s house.  Luz provided two photos of his work in progress attached below.
Questions or issues:  We discussed the dimensions of the galvanized pipe that he will be putting into the tanks and that he needed to ensure the inlet pipe was threaded to accept a future float valve.
Besides the break-tank questions, Martin also asked about the special tap stand to be placed partway up the hill towards the storage tanks.  He wanted to confirm that the Tee would go into the 2 inch pipe along the road and the water meter for that line would be placed next to the road.  This line is unique in that it will use a 1 inch pipe and a 1 inch water meter because of the distance this tap stand is away from the main water line.  The 1 inch line will be reduced to 1/2 inch right before the tap stand. 
Tomorrow’s Plans:  Martin expects to complete the pressure break tank tomorrow.  If there is time, he will then start to build the junction valve box nearby that pressure break tank (near Zeleyda’s house).

Next call:  We agreed to hold a similar brief status call tomorrow, Tuesday, at 5:30 pm Nicaragua time.
Other Issues:  Luz brought up a question about tap stand locations:  The Water Committee was under the impression that we would have a tap stand near Adeleida’s house under the belief that the elevation was no higher than the previously identified tap stand on that route.  However, Javier’s analysis indicated that Adeleida’s house was indeed at a higher elevation than the EPAnet model analysis would support, so, no, that tap stand was not possible.  Luz said that in that case, our KML files showed that the last tap stand along that route was the one placed at the church.  I took an action to investigate that – may initial belief was that our original design did include at least one tap stand closer to Adeleida’s house than the church, but I’ll need to confirm that. (Subsequently resolved.  Javier sent out an updated KML file this afternoon which now shows STN 48A at the location of the original STN 48, partway up the road towards Adelayda’s house.)